The Inner Planets in Astrology and Their Meaning

Everyone is more than simply their Sun sign. The large big object that every different planets revolve round is a large deal, however it isn’t the best essential celestial frame with inside the solar system. The internal and outer planets in astrology screen that people are complicated; your persona can’t be expressed totally thru a Sun Sign.

The Basics of Inner Planets in Astrology

Ancient astrologers related positive trends with the planets in astrology, regularly linking them with the personalities of gods and goddesses from their religions. While interpretations of the planets in astrology now mirror cutting-edge society, a lot of them are primarily based totally on observations in the course of antiquity.

Inner Planets in Astrology

The planets in astrology are categorized into groups: internal and outer planets. The internal planets in astrology are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These planets orbit across the Sun plenty quicker than the outer planets and feature extra of an instantaneous impact on regular life.
The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
The Sun

Just because the Sun is the middle of the Universe, so is it on your natal chart. The Sun has a large effect in your life, however its affect is living totally on the surface.

The Moon

The Moon governs your feelings, attachments, and emotions of security. ’ This planet in astrology is arguably the nearest illustration of who you are.


Named after the Roman God Mercury, this planet in astrology regulations over all matters communication, whether or not written, verbal, or non-verbal.


Venus is one of the maximum indulgent and lovable planets in astrology. This planet is the diplomat of the zodiac and the hedonist, as Venus appreciates the finer matters in life.

Synthesizing Inner Planets with Aspects

This should imply that your feelings can also additionally experience at odds with the manner you gift yourself to the world. Studying the internal planets in astrology gives a wealth of insight, specially while you take into account the components every planet makes with one another. Like the whole lot in astrology, every piece is a clue to resolve the thriller of the human psyche.

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The International Flying Saucer Bureau and Albert K. Bender

With all of the public facts and literature surrounding UFOs and Ufology today, it makes you surprise whilst all of it started. Rowell set UFOs into mainstream consciousness.

It wasn’t till 5 years later in 1952 that the primary predominant organization of civilians committed to UFO studies changed into based. That organization changed into based through Albert K. Bender in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and it changed into known as the International Flying Saucer Bureau or, extra simply, the IFSB.

The Life and Death of the International Flying Saucer Bureau

The number one cause of the International Flying Saucer Bureau changed into to analyze UFO sightings and their capability courting to extraterrestrials. Membership in the organization grew pretty hastily for something as fringe because it changed into for the time, inclusive of official people like WWII veteran Col. Remember, this changed into actually the primary predominant organization committed to the research of UFOs. «The President pronounces that branches of the IFSB will quickly be in operation in England, France, and Brazil,» the primary trouble boasts.

This is all in 1952, thoughts you, and not using a previous presence, and their founder, Albert Bender, changed into now no longer a movie star of any kind. The technology of such buzz changed into due to the true craving that changed into gift for simply this sort of organization. The 1/3 trouble in April 1953 shows that the BBC genuinely pronounced at the International Flying Saucer Bureau. Reporting the organization’s desires because of efforts through their British representative, as properly to announce the addition of representatives for France and Australia.

The International Flying Saucer Bureau and Beyond

Bender might say approximately the electricity and electricity of social media. Bender additionally counseled that the US had already been to the moon a complete sixteen years earlier than both the real moon touchdown and the real faking of the moon touchdown. But through the very last trouble, coming in October 1953, simply twelve months because the first trouble, the International Flying Saucer Bureau changed into wrapping itself up. The trouble contained a «Late Bulletin,» which stated that «the research of the flying saucer thriller and answer is coming near its very last stages,» without imparting another facts.

«The supply is already recognized, however any facts approximately that is being withheld through orders from a better supply. We would really like to print the overall tale in Space Review, however due to the character of the facts, we’re sorry that we had been counseled in the negative.» The announcement concluded, «We recommend the ones engaged in saucer paintings to thrill be very cautious».

Final Farewell of the IFSB

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The Star of Bethlehem Opens Up Ideas For Theories

How Special Was The Star of Bethlehem?

Some of the events don’t match the time of Jesus birth, officially listed as between 8 and 4 B. Others suggest the star was a comet because it moved with the wise men, but comets are typically a bad sign in the ancient world. Others have theorized the Bethlehem star was a planet, but again, the Magi would be able to tell the difference. This would have happened in the constellation of Pisces, which is symbol of the Jewish culture. However, the theory falls short because this type of event only lasts a few days and the Bethlehem star supposedly led the wise men for months to find the child.

The other problem is a much more significant triple conjunction occurred early in 66 B. Not only does it last for months, but the star hung in place over the city of Bethlehem.

Frederick Larson produced a video «The Star of Bethlehem» in 2007 after his curiosity prompted him to explore the subject. His first conclusion is scientists have been using the wrong date for Jesus birth. Larson said the wrong date of King Herod’s death was to blame, as most use the king’s death to estimate the year of the birth of Jesus. The earliest Jewish manuscripts infer King Herod’s death was actually in 1 B. .

Larson’s other theory

The king asked the wise men when the star first appeared. The wise men headed five miles south of the great city to Bethlehem and the star stopped. Contrary to popular belief suggesting the Christ was a baby in a manger when the magi arrived, Jesus was a toddler and his family were living in a house by the time the wise men found him. Larson used clues found in the Book of Matthew, along with the prophecies to decipher the mystery.

Retrograde motion is, in layman’s terms, the illusion of a planet moving backward. He sets the time as late summer near the Jewish New Year. There is a Jupiter retrograde in the constellation of Leo. In the retrograde, Jupiter circles the top of the star Regulus three times.

Larson explains the importance. Regulus a star system known is the king star, crowned the holy number of three times by the king planet of Jupiter in the constellation of the Lion. This was special, especially since it occurred around the holiest of times for the Jewish people.

The next finding excites Larson the most

Larson points out the next constellation after the retrograde is Virgo, the Virgin, rising on the Jewish New Year. Looking at the constellation on the computer program, the constellation of Virgo is there with the sun shining on it and a crescent moon is at her feet. Those two events occurring in that manner is what prompted them to understand there would be a king of the Jews born soon. Larson begin to theorize that many this was the announcement of the conception rather than the birth.

Larson moves forward nine months, which there is a triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Regulus in the Leo constellation. So the king planet joins what is known as the mother planet around the king star. This would signify the actual birth of Jesus, Larson said. The three together would create an incredibly bright star to the naked eye.

This immediately follows the constellation of Pisces, as others speculate relates to Jewishness.

The theory of Johannes Kepler

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Did the World End in 2012?

First of all, it have to be stated that the Mayans didn’t explicitly expected the world to be destroyed in the year 2012. Suggesting that as opposed to the world finishing in brimstone, we clearly stride proper over the road and begin over. No, this turned into the maximum huge meteor to go into Earth’s ecosystem in at the least a century. In fact, it’s the most effective regarded meteor that triggered a mess of injuries, with the legit quantity hitting nearly 1,500.

The meteor flashed brighter than the sun, exploding 18.5 miles excessive in our ecosystem and with pressure 33 instances large than the bomb that turned into dropped on Hiroshima, and no one noticed it coming. Literally, no one knew it turned into going to happen, despite the fact that there has been a near-effect asteroid that turned into being monitored on the alternative facet of the world.

Back to the Year 2012

Which on its surface, is extraordinarily bizarre. All this has to do with the year 2012 converting of a long time anticipated through the Mayans. And then the Chicago Cubs received the 2016 World Series, which turned into absolutely sudden and blew everyone’s minds. That’s due to the fact the Cubs hadn’t received a championship considering 1908, 116 years earlier.

Clearly, the Mayans are Cubs fans.

Maybe The Mayans Were Right approximately 2012

I don’t know, perhaps I’m overreacting, however it simply feels just like the entire global goes loopy and the most effective issue I can flip closer to to give an explanation for that is that perhaps, simply perhaps, the Mayans have been withinside the proper ballpark. The end of a generation anticipated through the Mayans got here complete circle on December 21, the year 2012. So, let’s forestall questioning bizarre stuff and get on the brand new effective cosmic electricity age of Aquarius.

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The Stoned Ape Theory of EVolution by Terence McKenna

There are a whole lot of competing theories accessible for the way or why people have focus. Let’s stroll via the theory.

The Stoned Ape Theory via way of means of Terence McKenna

Psilocybin mushrooms are typically observed developing out of cow dung. Ancient people had to move wherein the meals was, which supposed they had to tune herds of untamed cattle. Psilocybin mushrooms aren’t pretty a stimulant and now no longer pretty a depressant, and they arrive bundled with all styles of visible and intellectual effects. At least, that’s how they’re perceived currently, now that we have already got focus.

So, whilst Homo Erectus eats psilocybin mushrooms, we name it the Stoned Ape Theory.

Psilocybin Mushrooms May Have Sparked Consciousness

Which, in turn, allowed for extra great meals stockpiles for the stoned apes. When you growth the dose of psilocybin mushrooms due to the fact you’re now placing round doing nothing, you reap barely extra excessive effects, such things as higher focus, improved power, and sexual arousal.

Higher Doses of Psilocybin Mushrooms

That occurred whilst our stoned apes commenced taking large doses. It is going past better power and visible awareness, matters begin to get kinda weird. Because of the better doses of psilocybin mushrooms, our historical people commenced to have mind approximately the arena past themselves. Remember, we’re speakme approximately historical humanity here, pre-language and all.

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The Lost Continent Mu and James Churchward

Mu is the opposite lengthy lost landmass that has sunk below the sea. We owe our knowledge of this misunderstood region to James Churchward , a British writer, engineer, and fisherman. To start, permit me simply say that Churchward wasn’t a few crackpot fisherman who lived at the docks.

An Indian Priest and The Lost Continent of Mu

In his book, Churchward claimed that in his provider in India for the duration of the 1870s that he befriended a high-rating temple priest. The priest had instructed Churchward of historic drugs he possessed, written in a language that most effective 3 human beings in all of India ought to read, the priest being one in every of them. Churchward, intrigued, satisfied the priest to train him the language so he ought to apprehend the historic drugs himself. Churchward claims that the historic civilizations of India, Babylon, Egypt, Persia, the Maori, and the Mayas have been simply the remnants of Mu’s colonies.

Churchward believed that the historic starting place memories of those human beings pointed towards the life of a previous not unusualplace civilization. The most effective region this will be, in keeping with Churchward, become the sprawling land of Mu that has due to the fact that sunk below the Pacific.

What Was The Land of Mu Like?

Sprawling plains have been complemented with the aid of using huge rivers and a plethora of estuaries, making get right of entry to to water for agriculture extraordinarily easy. Because of those statistics given to him with the aid of using the historic drugs, Churchward believed that the land of Mu become what the Bible become relating to while it describes the Garden of Eden. In fact, Churchward might declare that Moses become sincerely educated with the aid of using an historic Naacal Brotherhood in Egypt.

The Land of Mu Was Advanced and Then It Sank

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Seeking A Higher Consciousness Through Meditation

Meditation has a lot of terrific benefits. So, how can you get a glimpse of a higher consciousness through meditation? How Can You Reach A Higher Consciousness Through Meditation?

Meditating opens the mind and exposes you to a higher level of consciousness and spiritual reality that cannot be reached during other activities.

What Is A “Higher Consciousness?”

A higher consciousness, often used interchangeably with “higher spiritual reality,” is a state of awareness that transcends our most base sensations. During a session of meditation, you can leave your body and experience reality as being one with all things, rather than experiencing yourself as something physical and separate. While it may be relatively simple to relax your mind and meditate on a daily basis, it is not as easy to take yourself to a state of higher consciousness.

However, there are planes of consciousness that we cannot access when we are in a state of familiar comfort. Higher Consciousness Fantasy This higher level of consciousness is difficult to quantify or define, but in essence, it allows you to experience a sense of oneness with everything around you. It can help you relax, focus on what’s most important in your life, and even improve your physical and mental health. The below mentioned techniques help to achieve higher consciousness easily-

1) Quiet your mind.

2) Acknowledge your body.

3) Embrace oneness.

Making your mind reach a level of higher consciousness will open your mind to something completely new and also bring your mind to a place with complete peace and serenity. But, it is not a piece of cake achieving that level of higher conscious.

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10 of the Weirdest Phobias You Never Knew Existed!

Almost all of us know what phobia is, it’s an unrealistic and extreme fear or aversion towards a particular object, person or situation despite having no rational explanation. Phobias are very annoying and they comes when they’re most unwanted. Phobias become so severe for some person that it becomes difficult for them to continue their day to day normally.

We all have heard about common phobias like Trypophobia or Acrophobia. But, these are not the only phobias that exist. Apparently, human being can be scared of anything in the world. Some of these can be so weird that some of us who haven’t faced them can’t even imagine these to be real. Here’s the name of 10 bizarre phobias-

2) OMPHALOPHOBIA: Fear of Navels
3) VENUSTRAPHOBIA: Fear of Beautiful Women
4) AUROPHOBIA: Fear of Finding Gold
5) CHROMETOPHOBIA: Fear of Money
6) PAPAPHOBIA: Fear of The Pope
7) NOMOPHOBIA: Fear of Being Without Cellphones
8) ​SINISTROPHOBIA: Fear of Left Side And DEXTROPHOBIA: Fear of Right Side
9) EUPHOBIA: Fear of Good News
10) ​PHOBOPHOBIA: Fear of Phobias

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Angels Hierarchy – The Nine Orders of Angels

An Angel is thought to be a mighty being with supernatural dominion over the earth. According to some religions, there are 9 types of angels.


SERAPHIM (plural) are the highest-ranking Angels in the heavens, and their role is to exclusively worship the Lord and give thanks unto Him. If you could imagine giant Ferris Wheel, but alive and ready to do God’s work.


CHERUBIM (plural) these beings are the second most powerful of Heaven’s band of Angels. Cherubim’s are the guardians of the Ark of the Covenant, and the entrance to the Garden of Eden after “man” was driven out. In some instances, a Guardian Angel will serve as an ethereal messenger to support and help. They deliver justice, show mercy, and lead lower-ranking Angels.


The Thrones dispense God’s divine justice and maintain harmony in all of the universal laws of the cosmos. Some of God’s angels are guardians to the planet and humans.  Guardian Angels offer guidance, support, and comfort accompanying individuals on a path of self-reliance.

Guardian Angels and Archangels interact the most with the earth and daily life. The Bible refers to the angels as God’s attendants.

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World’s Top 10 UFO Sightings That Are Credible

There have been thousands of UFO sightings reported throughout the world, but some received more publicity than others and the stories are now entrenched in our culture.

The earliest recorded UFO sightings occurred in 74 B.C. UFO Sightings in Washington D.C. Phoenix Lights, 1997 Witnesses in two states and Mexico saw lights moving quickly from Nevada through Phoenix March 13, 1997.

The bulk of UFO sightings reports began during and after World War II, largely because of fear generated about possible air attacks after Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. UFO sightings in LAX, Los Angeles, 1992 This UFO sighting involved hundreds of people, photographs and video, prompting even skeptical media reporters to print stories. Even though these incidents are the most well-known and documented with photos, videos and media reports, that doesn’t mean that UFO sightings are purely a modern phenomenon.

The first incident was reported when an air traffic controller saw seven objects on radar. President Ronald Reagan, along with his pilot, confirmed they and others saw a UFO in 1974 while Reagan was governor and traveling in his plane near Bakersfield, Calif. It wasn’t the only UFO Reagan saw.

A guard at the Yeni Kent Compound first reported the phenomenon and began recording the lights over the summer. Plutarch, a historical writer, recounted the event during a battle between the Roman army and Mithras of Pontus in Phrygia. Westall Encounter, Australia, 1966 More than 200 people, including students and teachers, saw an object over Westall, Melbourne.

With the onset of smart phones, more UFOs are being recorded and posted online from all over the world. Tehran, 1976 Both radar and eyewitnesses reported an unusual object in the sky over Tehran, Iran’s capital, Sept. There are several theories on what locals saw ranging from an astrological phenomenon to mass hysteria to psychological delusion.

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